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Executive members of this website are Ben Fouche and Andre Mundell.


Membership of WE REFER ONLINE is available only on the following conditions:

  1. Membership fees are payable annually in advance or via debit order as indicated on our website. 2. Only one business category will be allowed to join a WE REFER ONLINE group unless agreed with the owners of this website. 3. Meetings need to be attended on a regular basis. WE REFER ONLINE has the right to cancel your membership and replace your position with another member if you do not attend meetings regularly. 4. Applicants must apply for membership on the official WE REFER ONLINE Application Form. 5. Membership must be officially approved by an executive member of the WE REFER ONLINE.

Use of the Website (  or

WE REFER ONLINE may at any time revise and change any of these terms and conditions without notice to any of their users or members.  WE REFER ONLINE may also at its own discretion change, modify or discontinue this website without prior notification.

WE REFER ONLINE makes the website and the information therein available only for informational purposes. The material does not constitute any financial, investment, medical, legal or business advice. The information on this website should not be substituted for the advice of a professional adviser. Neither WE REFER ONLINE, its members nor staff will be held responsible for actions taken by you acting on information from this website.

We have made every effort to display the information as accurately as possible and will not accept any responsibility for errors on the website due to inaccuracies and omissions of any information.

Use of Online Software and Online Meetings:

Online meetings are facilitated with third party software of which we don’t have direct control.
Information of members and visitors who attend our online meetings agree that we don’t guarantee the safety of any information displayed or discussed on these meetings. We might change the software platform from time to time as we find it necessary.
Online meetings may be recorded for reference, marketing purposes and live streaming to other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. Users of the online meetings agree that all videos, photo’s, images, text and any other content displayed and/or attached of themselves may be recorded and used by us for marketing, reference or any other use that  we need it for.
We won’t be responsible or liable for any internet facilities nor internet provider nor internet lines nor WiFi not functioning or any disruption which may cause the online meetings to be disrupted or to malfunction.

Users of our website and online meetings who don’t agree to these terms and policies should not register on our website and may not use our website and meetings at all.

Termination of Membership:

You may terminate your membership at any time with one month’s written notice. You will be liable for the membership fees for the full 12-month period.

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Limitation of Liability

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